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We have observed incident trends of late amongst localities and even countries; it has become a very disturbing issue the spate of flood risk exposure amongst vulnerable settlements and communities. This disturbing flood disaster has again been identified as one of the fall outs of global climate change which we have all been collectively responsible…
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8 Things to Consider Before Selling Your House

Selling your real estate, especially if it’s your first, is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Before you sell your  house, make sure you are ready to “sell your real estate”. I don’t mean applying a new coat of paint and trimming the hedges, although that certainly helps the sale price.…
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Safety Hazards to Watch for Around the House

Safety Hazards to Watch for Around the House At adegbonmire and associates, we feel fulfilled every time we help a client get their dream house, either by purchasing it or renting it on their behalf. We are also concerned about the safety of the client and those that will use the house. After purchasing or…
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