We create good investment opportunities

We provide qualitative services backed up by experience aided with information and technology in real estate industry. We are guided by honesty and adherence to standards and ethics in our service delivery.

Creating lasting values for our clients

We provide exclusive property service in the Nigeria Properties market for private individuals, corporate clients and property investors. Our team have depth of experience in finding the perfect property.

Committed to fulfilling Clients' Need!

We have an excellent record of providing the highest standards in Real Estate services and commitment aimed at achieving quality client programme objectives."

We offer 360 degree Innovative Approach

We focus on new, innovative ideas and methods in a challenging and ever changing business environment which demands put us in the cutting edge in project management techniques.

We Guarantee True Value for Money!

We prides itself on taking a proactive, entrepreneurial approach to property and construction projects with a clear commitment to providing value for money and building long term relationships with customers and partners.

Registered Estate Surveyors and Valuers with a 360° Approach

At aanda we are committed to service excellence backed by years of successfully handling properties and investments services for more than a handful of clients across the industry.

Delivering focused professional expertise and advice on clients' project

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, just speculating or seeking much more in real estate, come talk to us. We have an eye for more than the ordinary.

We act with credibility and integrity in all respects - an attitude that permeates our values and vision..

Our strong business ethics and transparent deals have helped us establish a formidable position in the field of all land and construction related needs.

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